Green Tea To Lose Weight

Learn how drinking green tea regularly can improve your health, help you to lose weight and help prevent a variety of preventable illnesses. Welcome to this website all about the many benefits of drinking green tea.

best green tea bags to lose weightIt can prove to be a fabulous resource of information and helpful product recommendations. Reading it can steer you towards one of the most amazing ways to lose weight, burn off that excess belly fat and get a slimmer, great looking body with the help of this miraculous beverage.

Why Is Green Tea So Good?

Green tea contains many health boosting properties, such as antioxidants to help your body minimize cell damage and prevent some forms of cancer from forming. It also contains properties that suppress the insulin response to eating foods that are high in refined sugar, saturated fats and high glycemic index rated carbohydrates.

All of these kinds of foods create a rush of excess blood sugar which the body follows with a rush of insulin to counteract the effects of the increased sugars. When this happens, the insulin carries the excess sugars away and the body processes them into fat which is stored in the body, generally in the region of the belly.

green teaBelly fat is now known to be linked with certain forms of cancer and also with accelerated aging. So by countering the insulin response to the above foods, green tea effectively reduces the amount of fats that are stored in the body, particularly in the belly.

This is great news for people who are prone to be overweight because their diet consists of these unhealthy foods.

Green tea is not a magic pill that you can take to help prevent weight gain while you carry on eating unhealthily. It is a complimentary addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle that can help you to reduce your body weight and improve your overall health.

But you have to take action and eat a better diet, while doing some daily exercises to help improve your fitness levels and give the tea a chance to work for you.

Green Tea Antioxidants

There is much media activity surrounding the benefits of getting antioxidants in your diet as a way of helping your body fight off certain forms of cancer as well as to help slow down the body's aging process. You can read more about this process and the benefits you can enjoy when you drink this beverage on a daily basis in our in-depth article here.

Green Tea Anti-Inflammatory

As a health drink, this tea really has no equal, especially thanks to its many health-giving properties, one of which being its anti-inflammatory properties. A side of ill health that often goes unnoticed is inflammation when it occurs inside the body and even within the major organs of the body.

Drinking this healthy brew can actually help the body to reduce the effects of inflammation and thereby reduce associated conditions that can lead to certain illnesses. Read more about this property in our article here.

Best Green Tea to Buy for Weight Loss

Many people are curious about which is the best kind of green tea to buy to help them to lose weight. There are several brands you can buy at the supermarket that are fine to drink, with specialist herbal and health stores selling more exotic brands.

You can also buy specialist brands online often at lower prices than you'll find in health stores. Often the choice comes down to personal taste, as different teas will have slightly different characteristics in taste, aroma and health properties.

What Are the Best Green Tea Bags?

To maximize the weight busting properties of this marvellous brew, specialist suppliers have blended two or more varieties together. This has the effect of greatly increasing that aspect of the health giving characteristics of the tea.

One of the best blends formulated to aid weight loss as part of a healthy, low calorie diet is "Tava Tea" (click that link to read my review or click the promotional image above to visit the official Tava Tea website). This is a brand that has attracted a lot of media attention since its launch and has many thousands of loyal customers who swear by it!


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